7 Benefits of Automotive Window Tinting


Your car is one of your most significant investments, and for a good reason! It takes you to work and shuttles the kids to and from school. Your car is your reliable friend in creating memories as you take your long drives to scenic locations. So just as it is with any big-ticket purchases, you want your beloved car to last long with consistent maintenance and by replacing parts and accessories that require attention. 

More often than not, vehicle owners do not consider window tinting as one of the most effective ways to care for their cars. For most people, window tinting starts and ends with aesthetics. In reality, however, the benefits of window tinting are a commonly overlooked solution to lengthen a car’s longevity, improve safety, and maximize fuel consumption. 

In this blog post, your friends at Automotive12v Specialist are here to walk you through the importance of shading your car windows and the many benefits of window tinting

7 Benefits of Window Tinting

1. Window tinting protects your privacy.

Window tinting keeps whoever and whatever is inside the vehicle safe from prying eyes. There’s no price for peace of mind, and it’s important to have that the moment you step out of your car. With window tinting, you are keeping yourself and your belongings safe from intrusions and thieves. 

Different car window tinting grades are available and in compliance with the law. 

2. Window tinting keeps your car seats and upholstery looking brand new and prevents fading.

Yes, we mentioned that the benefits of window tinting for your car go beyond the aesthetics. But here’s one of its most straightforward pros: it prevents fading for your car’s upholstery. Not only does good window tinting make your ride externally sleek, but it also blocks the sun’s harmful rays from damaging your seats. 

We are all aware of how harsh the sun’s rays can be on our skin. With this in mind, we can be sure that it’s also damaging to any material exposed to it for long hours at a time on a daily basis. Photo-degradation, a fancy word for saying sun damage on items, such as fabrics, can dry them out and causes them to “crack.” As this occurs at a microscopic level, our eyes won’t miss how car upholstery begins to fade or even degrade in quality. 

So, if you want to keep your car interiors looking brand new even as the years come in, always keep the harsh sunlight at bay. 

3. Window tinting protects your skin from the sun’s harmful U.V. rays.

Sure, we all like to look nicely tanned at times. However, excessive exposure to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays can burn our skin, cause skin damage, accelerate skin aging, or worse, cause skin cancer. 

The sun’s infamous UVA and UVB rays can penetrate deep into our skin and are too strong to pass through glass windows. UVA is the warm sensation we can feel whenever the sun is up. These rays break up our skin’s collagen and elastin and are the culprit of most signs of skin aging, such as wrinkles. UVB, on the other hand, is an invisible light that can also damage our skin even though it doesn’t feel hot, which shows that we all need to keep ourselves protected even when the weather is cool.

When this notorious pair comes together, they cause serious skin problems. So other than never skipping sunblock, everyone is strongly encouraged by the U.S. Cancer institute to stay away from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. 

The great news is that a properly installed window tint can effectively block 99% of the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays. Keep in the shade and dodge skin cancer with car window tinting!

4. Window tinting keeps your car interiors cooler.

Window tinting can keep everyone inside the car cool (literally and figuratively!). Well-shaded car windows can keep the heat away from your car, effectively blocking as much as 65% of solar heat so drivers and passengers can stay comfortable throughout their commute. With this in hand, your car’s air conditioning unit doesn’t have to work twice as much as you drive through a hot summer day. 

Window-tinted cars can better control the internal climate without having to overuse the air conditioning unit and minimize its parallel fuel consumption.

5. Window tinting improves fuel efficiency.

In connection with the previous point, car window tinting minimizes your fuel cost and consumption by allowing your ventilation system to work efficiently. No more need to turn up the air conditioning to maximum just to keep everyone in the car cool and comfortable.

6. Window tinting prevents glass windows from shattering.

In the unwanted event of an accident, window tinting prevents shards of glass from raining over the passengers. The window tin film acts as a barrier and keeps the broken pieces together no matter the accident’s impact. Ejection by impact is also prevented when window tints are in place. In untoward incidents like these, the last thing we want is to incur further damage that can be prevented with a simple measure like window tinting. 

That being said, your car remains secure from robbery because window tinting can provide security from break-ins through window shattering.

7. Window tinting can improve your car’s resale value.

When it’s time for an upgrade, and you want to resell your existing vehicle, car window tinting can help keep its value intact. Resale car dealers only accept used vehicles in tip-top shape. So if you are looking to sell your vehicle in the future for whatever reason, it’s best to keep it looking good and functioning well. Window tinting, as mentioned a few points prior, can prevent fading and interior damage so your ride remains in good shape.

Invest in high-quality yet affordable window tinting today!

Now that we have given better thought to the benefits of window tinting more than just keeping your vehicle looking good and a reflection of your personality, it’s time to get it for your vehicle!

Look no further than our window tinting services at Automotive12v Specialist! We are your reliable partners in high-quality yet affordable window tinting services in Massachusetts. Our tinting services include a 3-year warranty for standard window tinting and a lifetime warranty for ceramic window tints. 

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