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Automotive Window Tinting Benefits

More than just keeping great aesthetics, vehicle tinting offers so many benefits for your car and
its passengers. If you are still on the fence about investing on a good window tint, here are a
few points for you to consider:

Protection from UV Rays. We are all aware of how harmful the sun’s rays are. But did you
know they damage not only our skin but also materials that are exposed to them for a prolonged
time? Most of the damages on our cars’ exterior and interior parts are caused by intense heat,
such as fading colors, and added deterioration to their normal wear and tear.

Energy efficiency. Having a well-tinted vehicle keeps the UV Rays at bay and keeps the
temperature much cooler inside your car. With this, the air conditioning doesn’t have to work
double time just to keep everybody comfortable during the ride.

Safety and security. One of the top reasons why car owners opt for a good-quality window-
tinting service is because of its added layer of security. A well-tinted window keeps everything
inside your car private, minimizing the threat of theft and robbery.

Other than that, window tinting builds shatter resistance. Should any untoward incident occur,
the window tint binds the glass even after a strong impact, making shards the least of your
concerns when the worst happens.

Standard Window Tinting

Standard or Regular window tinting, also known as dyed window film, means that your car
windows are darkened with a dyed film. It’s the most-used form of vehicle tinting that effectively
blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays. The film absorbs heat from the sun and stops it from
entering your car, keeping your car cool, safe, and secure.

These window tints often come with an opaque finish, which is the sought-after option for those
who value their privacy.

Standard window tinting is the most cost-effective solution because it also gives a non-reflective
finish while effectively darkening your vehicle. It also blocks the glare from external lights, which
helps drivers see better and drive safer.

Ceramic Window Tinting

Ceramic Window Tinting is the best option for those looking to invest in a more effective window
darkening system. This type of window tinting is a higher-quality technique that utilizes non-
conductive ceramic particles.

Ceramic tint films can effectively block up 50% to 99% of the cancer-risking UVA, UVB rays,
and heat without compromising visibility. The ceramic particles refract IR rays to other
directions, ensuring that your car’s interior climate remains cool inside despite driving under
sweltering heat.

Car owners who have opted for ceramic tinting have proven its effective glare reduction when
the external lights tend to be too bright, which poses a risk of vision impairment while driving.
This feature helps drivers travel safely and minimizes accidents.

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