It’s easy to dismiss car accent lighting as pure vanity–all for the show, yet with zero purposes. However, a study by BMW, in collaboration with Lighting Engineering Group at the Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany, proves that adding ambient lighting in car interiors benefits riders and passengers. 

Benefits of car accent lighting: 

1. It improves comfort. Before LED lights dominated the market, cars could only have dull, standard interior lights. Today, LED lights offer a range of energy-efficient options with a range of colors and adjustable brightness. With this, car owners can set the tone inside their vehicles, creating their personal preference in improving comfort. 

2. It creates a safe atmosphere. Car accent lighting has a psychological impact on drivers and passengers. With the right brightness level, people stepping inside your car can effectively lower stress, evoke feelings of safety, and even improve their night-driving focus.

3. It illuminates interior car parts at night. A light setting helps drivers navigate their car interiors as they softly illuminate their car’s center console, handles, footwells, and more, which makes it easier to use when driving at night.

4. It allows self-expression. Now, on the aesthetics part: car accent lighting enables vehicle owners to let their creativity flow and impart their personality within their cars. Like dressing for yourself, the more you like your car interiors, the more confident you are about your ride and driving. 

5. It creates an illusion of a spacier vehicle. Car accent lighting improves spatial perception, creating an illusion that the car is roomier than its actual size. 

6. It increases your car’s value. Vehicles with custom-designed ambient lighting can improve your car’s value when the time comes to sell. 

Tips for adding ambient lighting to your car

Now that we learned how car accent lighting improves our psychology around it, here are some tips for creating a tremendous interior atmosphere in your car through ambient lighting.

1. Choose LED Lighting. LED car accent kits are the most available options you can get. LED bulbs do not overheat, are energy-efficient, and come with various colors and customizable brightness. 

2. Reduce glare by placing lights under the dash. Lighting can be distracting when installed in the wrong area or color. Our tip: choose orange or a similar hue and attach them under the dashboard to reduce glare. 

3. Minimize electrical system usage with cabin lighting. LED cabin lighting can minimize the strain on your vehicle’s electrical system, especially when installed as cabin lighting.

4. Stay in control with a remote console. Your level of comfort may vary according to the current darkness. Opt for a LED car accent kit with a remote console so you can easily adjust brightness and control the lighting with just a few button presses.

5. Replace incandescent interior lights with LED. If your vehicle still has an incandescent interior light, upgrade the lightbulbs with a white LED light for better efficiency and proper illumination.

6. Look for ambient lighting strips. You can illuminate certain parts of your car interiors with ambient lighting strips. These strips are easy to use and are cost-effective in creating your car’s overall atmosphere. 

7. Invest a little. When it comes to anything electrical in nature, do not just settle for the cheapest kit you can find. There are certainly a lot of low-priced car accent lighting kits–sometimes raising our eyebrows. Go for lighting kits that are certified safe, and choose brands that are known to deliver high-quality products. The last thing you want is your lighting strips to break down with just a few months of use. 

8. Less is more. Of course, preferences vary per person. But this is the standard rule of thumb when it comes to enhancing a design: less is more. Add too much ambient light to your interiors, and it might do more harm than good–aesthetically and with regard to safety. Before purchasing an ambient lighting kit, choose only 3 to 5 parts and sides you want to illuminate, not your whole car interior!

9. Create a polished overall look. Car ambient lighting can be added to enhance your vehicle’s overall look. Make sure to choose accent lights that complement your car’s exterior colors. It doesn’t have to be the perfect color match, but get a color that would complete the look. 

10. Consider car accent lights that go with an app. Besides being able to control your car’s ambient lighting on your device, choosing a car accent kit with a requisite app usually comes with more features. Some include color change options, among others. Having an app will help you set the tone inside your vehicle whenever and however you want. 

11. Add lighting to the most used interior parts. Be purposeful when you add interior accent lights. Add illumination to most pieces you use, such as door handles, window control buttons, or storage. 

12. Make your car inviting with dome lights. Welcome passengers with dome lights that can illuminate your car’s front and rear parts. 

Things to note: 

  • Depending on the brand you’re getting, ambient lighting kits do not use your car’s battery 
  • LED lights tend to have a longer lifespan

Once you have an idea of how you want your car accent lights to be, it will be a breeze to search and choose ambient lighting kits for your vehicle. Most sets can accommodate standard vehicle sizes. 

Next, decide on how it will be installed. Do you have a knack for DIY things and understand which wires go where? For an easier, hassle-free way of customizing your ride with ambient lighting, contact our team at Automotive12v Specialist! We are here to help you choose the best car accent lighting kit for your car, and install them!

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